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Theo C. Presents…SummerSlamGust – My SummerSlam Retrospective: SummerSlam ’99

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Welcome to the blog of  Theo Clardy.

In this, I will talk about my thoughts on many things like Sports, Entertainment, Pro Wrestling, Video Games and many other things I can think about alongside some other content on the same subjects.

Heading into making the blog, there has been many things running to my head about doing this.

Here are some of the content you will see on this site.

  1. 71 Sports Bar & Grill: This is my sports topic where I give out my thoughts on the current happenings in Sports like the NFL, NBA, MLB and many more.
  2. Movie Reviews: I will give out my honest opinions on the recent movies I have seen and past movies I have seen from my childhood to now and sees if it holds up to what I originally thought of it the first time I have seen it.
  3. Pro Wrestling Reviews: I will talk about the recent episodes of  WWE RAW, WWE Friday Night Smackdown, TNA Impact and Current and past Pay Per Views as well.

There will be more content and some content I was thinking on doing, if you have any ideas for the site, please let me know. Thanks!